New Culture of Work

How to engage modern workers?

The culture of work is changing as the entry of digital natives and so-called millenials into the workforce is changing the way we think about jobs and work. Other factors such as the rise of always on collaboration and communication, and the ease of remote working, are also impacting on the way we think about the times and places where work gets done.

How does this change the relationship between organisations and their employees and suppliers, and what does it mean for recruiting, talent management and succession planning? Looking ahead, how can organisations cope with the challenges posed by the new culture of work and also ensure that they are able to access the skills they need to survive and thrive.

Example research briefs

  • New challenges

    How is today’s changing business environment creating new challenges to organisational culture?

  • Openness & Transparency

    How are organisations equipped to deal with a more open and transparent world?

  • Start-ups & corporate accelerators

    How can organisations work with startups, corporate accelerators and innovation units to bring a new culture of innovation into their structures?

  • Supporting employees

    How can organisations help create the right balance between the needs of individuals and the needs of their mission?