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Mapping the terrain

There is no one-size-fits-all model for 21st Century organisations. They need be comfortable with ongoing change and adaptation, and to experiment with new approaches to leadership, structure, processes and practice, integrating what works and disregarding what does not. But this journey also needs inspiration and learning from others.

This is why we decided to open up our internal knowledgebase of guides, theories, books and techniques to support people who are pursuing change within their organisations.

Anyone can access the content for free, but for now, we retain copyright of the content, so please seek permission if you want to use it in some other way.

Gathering and analysing relevant¬†theories, models, case stories and practices that can contribute to building better organisation is obviously a bigger task than we can manage alone, so we hope you can help us discover and prioritise ideas by adding them to our public ‘icebox’.

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How to contribute

We have only scratched the surface. If you spot something missing or have an idea for a guide we should write, please add them to our public ‘icebox’ on Trello: