About us


Our purpose

There are plenty of consultancy white papers that speak of the need for transforming how organisations are structured and managed, and lots of skin-deep case studies of projects that went well; but there is a lack of deeper, primary research into the what, why and how of digital transformation and new ways of working. We need to better understand what is working and how the pioneers are overcoming problems.

The development of new theories, models and techniques for agile, responsive organisational structures is accelerating. How can we really tell which of these work, and in which contexts? There is a real need for early adopting practitioners to share their experiences – good and bad – so that those who follow can learn from their efforts and iterate emerging models to improve them for others.

Building more effective, networked organisations is not just a business imperative, but also a societal one. If we are to cope with the rapid pace of change, then we need to upgrade our institutions and governmental bodies, as well as creating more responsive firms. These institutions need to be ready for the algorithmic age and the challenges posed by new technology tools and platforms.

Shift*Base has been created as an organisation within the Post*Shift family to help meet this need, and we hope to make a positive contribution to the evidence behind underpinning the Digital Transformation sector to help inform new approaches to organisational design, development and change.